The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue fears his life being ‘unfulfilled’ – Music News

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The 39-year-old singer says his greatest fear is “a life unfulfilled”, as he wants to make sure that he achieves everything he’s set out to do before he dies.

Asked what he fears the most, he said: “A life unfulfilled. It’s taken me being older to realise what’s important, and that’s family, love, loyalty, and friendship.”

The ‘Hall of Fame’ hitmaker says his mission to do things right also means he can “over-analyse” things, and although he doesn’t suffer from anxiety, he admits he can come off as “uptight” at times.

When asked what his worst habit is, he added: “Over-analysing things. I don’t suffer from lots of anxiety, but I really want to do my job well so it can come off as being uptight.”

But Danny might not get to do everything he wants to, as he says he’s often left angry that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

He said: “[I’m angry] that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.”

One thing the ‘Nothing’ singer always has time for is sex.

Asked how often he indulges in bedroom antics, he said: “I try for every day. I feel being very sexually active is great in a relationship.”

Before he dies, Danny would love to “ride a horse bareback on the Irish coast”, as well as “see the earth from space”.

And the musician admits that once his time on the planet is over, he isn’t sure what happens next.

When asked by The Sun on Sunday’s Fabulous magazine what happens when we die, he said: “I think we go back to what we were before we were born, but I’m smart enough to know that I’m dumb enough to never know.”

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