Niall Horan slid into Lewis Capaldi’s DMs – Music News

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The ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ singer has confessed he used photo-sharing site Instagram to contact the singer and praise his singing talents, which has now led to the pair becoming great friends.

Speaking on the red carpet at the 2019 MTV EMAs at the FIBES Conference and Exhibition Centre in Seville, Spain, he said: “Yes, the official slide into the DMs. I just wrote to Lewis and I told him I really like his music and now we’re going on tour together. We’ve written a song or too together and if they’re any good, hopefully, we’ll release them.”

Lewis and Niall are about to go on a joint tour of the United States but after previously touring together, Lewis reflected on his time on the road with Niall and revealed the main lesson he took away was the importance of staying grounded.

He said: “Just the fact, he’s so nice, do you know what I mean? The way someone whos that successful and had done massive things on his own and with One Direction, to still be as humble as he is and as sound as he is is a big thing for me. You might get big and become an asshole and there is no reason for it. He’s one of the biggest pop singers in the world and you can just sit with him in the pub. The way he treats people around him, no matter who they are, it’s all the same soundness. That’s all I took away from it.”

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