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The 27-year-old singer recently announced a Netflix series about Nasty Cherry – the band she formed and signed to her label – but she has admitted to being anxious about the premiere of ‘I’m With the Band: Nasty Cherry’, which is being released by the streaming service in November.

Speaking about her TV-watching habits, Charli explained: “With ‘Game of Thrones’, I was a big binge watcher – and a re-watcher.

“I love watching ‘Harry Potter’ every two years or so. I go through them all. It kind of makes me upset when people dip in and out of the series.

“We started ‘Homeland’ too, but I didn’t realise it was ten seasons. But we did watch one season in three days. Hmmmm … what else?

“Oh, I binged ‘Breaking Bad’! And I’ll binge watch my Netflix show too, obviously!”

The six-part show will focus on the band as they aim to rise to the top of the music business.

Asked whether she’s excited about the launch of ‘I’m With the Band’, Charli told i-D Vice: “I’m nervous! It’s my first foray into this and honestly, none of us knew what we were doing. Legit.

“I started this project in the midst of being in between things. Me and my best friend Emmy came up with the concept together. None of us had any background in TV or talking to networks or selling a show. We were just kind of like, ‘F**k, we’re doing it!'”

Charli also admitted to being really “proud” of her efforts.

She said: “There were definitely people who helped us along the way but the core team was us. I’m really proud of it. I know that, and I love the band. It shows what it is like to be in music now, and I think nobody’s documented the realities of that in 2019.”

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